Diagnostic & Therapeutic Services


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In combination with caring, seasoned partners and modern technology, the Harrisburg Medical Center Imaging Department prides itself in its mission to supply top-quality care to their patients. The Imaging Department provides a wide range of medical imaging services including Diagnostic Imaging, Computed Tomography (CT Scan), Digital Mammography (accredited by the American College of Radiology), Ultrasound, and Nuclear Medicine exams. The department is staffed for 24-hour x-ray and CT coverage. Fluoroscopy, Special Procedures, CT, Ultrasound, Digital Mammography, and Nuclear Medicine exams are scheduled times Monday through Friday during the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.. CT and Ultrasound technologists are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergency situations. The Radiologic Technologists perform the exams and care for the patients in the Imaging Department. They are licensed by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency and registered with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. Our professionally trained staff includes: Registered Vascular Technologists, a Registered Nurse, Registered CT Technologists, and Registered Mammographers. The clerical staff handles patient scheduling, filing, and a variety of other tasks. *A Board Certified Radiologist reads all exams.

Imaging Department Services

Diagnostic Radiology

  • General Radiography (X-rays)
  • DEXA – Bone Densitometry
  • Fluoroscopy
    • Barium Enema – Examination of the colon with the use of barium
    • Esophagram – Examination of the esophagus while the patient drinks barium
    • Swallowing Function Study – Examination utilizing barium to evaluate the patient’s ability to swallow various consistencies of food
    • Upper GI – Examination of the stomach with the use of barium ingested by the patient
  • Special Procedures
    • Intravenous pyelogram (IVP) – Evaluation of the kidneys, ureters, and bladder utilizing contrast medium
    • Myelograms – Evaluation of the spinal canal requiring injection of a contrast medium into the spine
    • Voiding Cystourethrogram (VCUG) – Evaluation of the bladder and urethra utilizing a contrast medium

Computed Tomography (CT)

Harrisburg medical Center

CT is an examination of selected areas of the body utilizing conventional x-rays with the aid of an advanced computer system. Some CT examinations require the use of intravenous and/or oral contrast agents. HMC’s 64 slice CT provides enhanced pictures and faster service. HMC CT services include:

  • CT of the head, neck, chest, abdomen, pelvis, spine, and extremities
  • CT guided biopsies
  • Angiography (CTA)

2D and 3D Digital Mammography

Harrisburg medical Center

Harrisburg Medical Center offers both 2D and 3D Mammography. Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT) or 3D Mammography, is one of the latest technological innovations in women’s healthcare. It enables images of the whole breast to be taken in slices, helping the radiologist see in between the breast tissues to search for possible abnormalities.

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis, or 3D Mammography, is similar to a standard mammogram. During the exposure, the x-ray tub moves to capture multiple images on the breast from different angles. Reconstructing these images in 3D enables doctors to see all around and between the breast tissues to help perform an accurate analysis. DBT is carried out with the same degree of compression and image acquisition is short.

Harrisburg Medical Center also offers 2D mammography. 2D mammography is a low-dose x-ray exam of the breast used to detect breast cancer at the earliest stage possible. HMC Mammography services include:

  • Screening/Annual Exams
  • Diagnostic Exams – for palpable lumps, tenderness, or unusual findings on a screening mammogram
  • Breast Needle Localizations

The Harrisburg Medical Center Mammography Department is accredited through the American College of Radiology.


Ultrasound is diagnostic imaging using sound waves to obtain a medical image or picture of various organs or tissue in the body. This safe and painless procedure does not use radiation. HMC ultrasound services include:

  • Echocardiography – Adult, pediatric, and stress ultrasound to evaluate the size and shape of the heart, valves, and movement of the walls of the heart
  • General
    • Abdomen
    • Pelvis
    • Thyroid
    • Breast
    • Testicles
  • Vascular
    • Carotid Doppler – Examination of the carotid arteries which supply blood flow to the brain and facial structures
    • Venous Doppler of the extremities – Evaluation of the veins and blood flow from the arms and/or legs
    • Arterial Doppler of the extremities – Evaluation of the arteries and blood flow to the arms and/or legs
    • Segmental Pressures – Blood pressures taken in legs and compared to blood pressure in arm (used as an indicator of arterial disease)
  • Ultrasound Guided Biopsies

Nuclear Medicine

Harrisburg medical Center

Nuclear medicine allows physicians to locate and evaluate disease in organs or organ systems by evaluation of organ function and metabolism. Nuclear medicine exams are performed by administering a radiopharmaceutical via IV injection, oral ingestion, or ventilation, then imaging the area of interest to determine metabolism and function. HMC Nuclear Medicine Services include:

  • Cardiovascular System (heart and blood vessels)
    • Myocardial Infarction Examination
    • MUGA Scan
    • Myocardial Perfusion Scan Sestamibi
  • Central Nervous System (brain and spinal cord)
    • Radionuclide Cisternography
  • Endocrine System (glandular system)
    • HIDA Scan
    • Liver-Spleen Scan
    • Liver SPECT
    • Testicular
    • Thyroid Scan
    • Thyroid Scan and Uptake
  • Gastrointestinal System (stomach and intestines)
    • Acute GI Bleeding Scan
    • Esophagus Transit
    • Gastric Emptying
    • Gastro esophageal Reflux
    • Meckel’s Diverticulum
  • Pulmonary System (lungs)
    • Perfusion Lung Scan
    • Ventilation Lung Scan
  • Skeletal System (bones)
    • Bone Scan
    • Bone SPECT
  • Tumor/Infection/Abscess Localization
    • Whole Body Scan
    • Scintimammography
    • Ceretec WCB Scan
  • Urinary Tract (kidneys, ureters, bladder)
    • Radionuclide Cystography/Urethral Reflux Study
    • Renal/Kidney Scan
    • Renal Flow and Function Study

The department is staffed by a licensed and certified technologist and is licensed and regulated by the Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. For any questions or concerns about our services, please feel free to contact Harrisburg Medical Center Imaging.



Accelerated Therapy Center Services

The Accelerated Therapy Center, a department of Harrisburg Medical Center, is a comprehensive rehabilitation center staffed with licensed therapists offering a variety of therapy services, sports medicine and work hardening & conditioning. We are equipped to provide progressive, client-centered care to individuals of all ages at our clinic locations, acute inpatient care, swing-bed, and at assisted living facilities.

With two convenient locations at Eldorado Primary Care and HMC Clinic at Harrisburg, our staff is committed to helping you get back on the road to recovery.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants help to restore or improve functional movement and relieve pain in patients with physical disabilities. Depending on the patient’s need, the physical therapist may focus on building the patient’s muscular strength, cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility, range of motion, balance, coordination, postural dysfunctions, gait or endurance. Treatments may consist of exercises, manual therapy, massage, functional activities, modalities (heat, cold, electrical stimulation, etc.), gait training or neuromuscular re-education.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists and Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants work with individuals who have physical, emotional, or developmental impairments. Their work involves getting patients back to be able to perform activities of daily living. Occupational Therapists specialize in rehabilitation of the upper extremities and fine motor skills.

Common occupational therapy interventions include helping children with disabilities to participate fully in school and social situations, helping people of all ages recovering from injury to regain skills, and providing supports for older adults experiencing physical and cognitive changes.

Sports Medicine

Harrisburg Medical Center provides a Certified Athletic Trainer to the Harrisburg Unit 3 School System and surrounding communities through our athletic training services. The Sports Medicine department focuses on providing athletes with aggressive, quality healthcare for athletic related injuries. This includes injury prevention, assessment of injury/illness, wellness promotion and education, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of injuries. 

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapists are experts trained in rehabilitation in acute care (hospital) and outpatient settings. They focus on improving speech and helping patients overcome barriers to speech and hearing. When normal speech is not possible, Speech Language Pathologists teach patients to communication in other ways, for example alphabet or picture boards, computers, and voice synthesizers.

Speech Pathologists evaluate, diagnose, treat and help prevent disorders related to speech, language, cognitive-communication, voice, swallowing and fluency. Our Speech Pathologists treat Childhood Apraxia of Speech, stuttering and communication needs for patients with head and neck cancer. They develop an individualized plan of care that is tailored to each patient’s needs. They counsel individuals and their families concerning communication disorders and safe intake of least restrictive diets. 

Work Hardening

Work Hardening/Occupational Rehabilitation is a combination of conditioning and work simulation activities that are gradually progressed to allow an injured worker to eventually return to work with less chance for re-injury. It is a supervised program developed and monitored by physical and occupational therapists in a frequent communication with your physician and employer.

Occupational Rehabilitation also focuses on job ergonomics, pre-employment/post offer physical agility testing. HMC Rehabilitation is a DSI Work Solutions provider of work injury management services. Our therapists are certified in DSI Job Function Matching and Functional Capacity Assessments.

Additional Treatments available at Accelerated Therapy Center include (but not limited to):

  • Anodyne
  • Astym
  • Braces / Walking Boots
  • Bracing and Splinting
  • Canes / Crutches / Walkers
  • Cognitive re-training
  • Ergonomic assessments
  • Electrical Stimulation
  • Functional Capacity Assessments / Evaluations (FCA / FCE)
  • Heat/Ice
  • Iontophoresis
  • Myofascial Release
  • MyoKinesthetics
  • Short Wave Diathermy
  • Traction
  • Ultrasound / Phonophoresis

Respiratory Therapy

Harrisburg medical Center

Our Respiratory Therapists are committed to providing quality diagnostic and comprehensive care to all patients in both an inpatient and outpatient setting. Services are provided by licensed Respiratory Therapists specially trained in pulmonary care. Respiratory care and cardio respiratory care include direct and indirect services in the implementation of treatment, management, disease prevention, diagnostic testing, monitoring and care of patients with deficiencies and abnormalities associated with the cardiopulmonary system. Harrisburg Medical Center’s Respiratory Therapy Department works in cooperation with the Southern Illinois Respiratory Disease Clinic and the Department of Labor to aid in the diagnosis of coal miner’s black lung (pneumoconiosis). If you would like information or would like to speak to a representative about black lung benefits please call the Southern Illinois Respiratory Disease Clinic at 866.252.9732 or visit them on the web at www.shsdc.org. Click on the Health Centers tab at the top of the page and scroll down to Respiratory Disease.

Respiratory Therapy Outpatient Diagnostic Services

Pulmonary Function Studies (PFT)/Lung Volume Studies – To aid in the diagnosis and treatment pulmonary diseases:

  • Simple Spirometry (Vent Study)
  • Carbon Monoxide Diffusion Capacity (DLCO)
  • Plethysmography
  • Methacholine Challenge
  • Department of Labor (DOL) Spirometry for Black Lung Disease

Dr. Suhail Istanbouly is Board Certified in Pulmonology, Internal Medicine, Critical Care Medicine, and Board Eligible for Sleep Medicine. He is available for clinic hours every Tuesday. New patients should consult with their family physician for referral. For established patients please call 618.942.7402. S.I. Respiratory Disease Consultants, LLC An Affiliation of Harrisburg Medical Center 317 S. 14th Street Suite 3 Herrin, IL 62948 PH. 618.942.7402  

COPD Screening Program

The Harrisburg Medical Center COPD Screening program is designed to help patients 40 years of age and older who suffer from or have a history of the following symptoms:

  • Asthmatic symptoms
  • Persistent cough or chronic cough
  • Reduced ability to exercise
  • Increased sputum production, wheezing, or dyspnea
  • Shortness of breath following mild activity
  • Breathing related difficulties
  • Family history of Alpha-Antitrypsin Deficiency
  • Smoking or tobacco use
  • Chronic bronchitis
  • Occupational or environmental exposure to pollutants
  • Two or more office visits, ER visits, or hospital admissions within the past 12 months for breathing related problems or complaints

Contact your provider to discuss the benefits of the Harrisburg Medical Center COPD Screening Program.


Sleep Diagnostics Center

  • Harrisburg medical Center

    Initial – To aid in the diagnosis of sleep disorders such as sleep apnea

  • CPAP/BIPAP – To aid in the treatment of sleep disorders after the diagnosis has been made

Other Diagnostic Procedures

Electroencephalogram (EEG) – To aid in the diagnosis of brain wave disorders Six-Minute Walk

      • To either qualify or re-qualify a patient for home oxygen
      • To aid in accurate titration of oxygen during ambulation

Overnight Oximetry – To aid in the diagnosis of oxygen desaturation/hypoxia while sleeping. Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) Sampling – ABG testing is mainly used in pulmonology, to determine gas exchange levels in the blood related to lung function, but has a variety of applications in other areas of medicine.

Cardio Pulmonary Rehabilitation

A program designed for enhancing heart health.

The Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation program is an outpatient (ECG) “heart tracing” monitored exercise program located at Harrisburg Medical Center. To improve your quality of life and increase your ability to perform daily tasks, the program provides a structured environment for successful rehabilitation of patients demonstrating symptoms of any of the following conditions: Cardiac

      • Post-Coronary Bypass Surgery
      • Heart Attack
      • Angina
      • Stent Placement
      • Angioplasty
      • Heart Transplant


      • Chronic Bronchitis
      • Emphysema
      • Black Lung
      • Any other severe chronic obstructive lung disease

Program Goals In addition to improving your physical condition, this program is designed to educate the patient and family concerning their particular cardiac or pulmonary problem. The program can help make the changes necessary for a more satisfying and fulfilling life. The program goal is to help you return to work or your previous activities at a better level of functioning. Program Requirements

      • A physician’s referral
      • A complete physical examination
      • Stable cardiac symptoms at time of enrollment
      • If patient is in Pulmonary Rehab, a Pulmonary Function Test or Spirometry is required


Harrisburg medical Center

Harrisburg Medical Center provides Laboratory testing services to Harrisburg Medical Center and all HMC affiliated clinics. We provide services to other referring physicians from outside our service area and offer employer urine and hair drug testing services. We are affiliated with referral laboratories and provide collection and processing services for specialized testing not offered by our facility.

The laboratory is open 24/7 and provides routine specimen collection between the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. daily. Collections for Paternity Testing are Monday – Friday between the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. The laboratory provides inpatient, outpatient and emergency services 24/7 and is committed to provide outstanding test quality and customer services.

Test Directory

The Harrisburg Medical Center Clinical Laboratory is responsible for collection and performance of tests ordered by your physician. The tests will provide the physician valuable information in diagnosing and treatment of your condition. Our goal is to provide quality laboratory services in a timely, efficient, and accurate manner. The Clinical Laboratory provides onsite testing in each of the following areas: Chemistry, Urinalysis, Serology, Hematology, Coagulation, Chemistry, Immunochemistry, and Immunohematology (Blood Bank). We offer referral services to LabCorp, Quest Diagnostics, and Illinois Department of Public Health Laboratories. Anatomic Pathology Services are provided under contract through Associated Pathology Laboratories.

Test Requests/ Test Requisitions

Laboratory tests may be ordered by either of the following:

  • By use of customized hard copy laboratory test request form with client information
  • Prescription pad or letterhead from requesting physician
  • Test requests must be legible and include the following information:
    • Patients Full Name (L, F, MI)
    • Patient Birth Date
    • Name, address, telephone and fax of provider
    • Diagnostic ICD 10 Code
    • To download Laboratory Requisition: Laboratory Test Requisition

Please contact laboratory management and the Joint Commission to report concerns about patient safety and quality of care. (TJC Std. APR.09.01.01).  The Director of Laboratory Services may be reached at 618-253-7671 ext. 10229. The Joint Commission can be reached at 1-800-994-6610 or by visiting The Joint Commission’s website at www.jointcommission.org.


Our pharmacy utilizes the latest technology for our medication dispensing activities. Our Omnicell medicine dispensing system is connected with our nursing computers to cut down mistakes with medication. We also have an active chemotherapy and specialized infusion department to serve our local patients. The pharmacy staff can provide you with important safety information about your medication.

  • Dispense Medications – Including chemotherapy and intravenous medications
  • Monitor for Drug – Drug interactions
  • Supply Drug information to nurses, physicians, and other health care providers
  • Perform monthly DUEs (Drug Utilization Evaluations)
  • Monitor patient stats – allergies, weight, etc.
  • Evaluate patient kidney function (CrCL) values with correct IV antibiotic dosing and make recommendations for adjustments
  • Monitor medication formulary management


Nutrition Counseling


Harrisburg medical Center

Nutrition Counseling may be ordered by your physician as an important step in the treatment of various illnesses such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure or high cholesterol; and for rehabilitation such as cardiac rehabilitation. Nutrition Counseling is performed by a Registered Licensed Dietitian trained in counseling skills. With every consult, a complete diet history, food frequency and food recall are obtained. Various questions will be asked about your diet history and food frequently eaten. This information is very important in the assessment and treatment of your illness. After this information is obtained, a nutrition assessment will be made by the dietitian, and a nutrition plan will then be discussed. Nutrition information or handouts may also be given to help you follow your nutrition plan at home. If possible, it is helpful to write down the foods you have eaten (be as specific as possible) for 1 – 2 days prior to your appointment, and bring this record with you to your appointment. Nutrition information or handouts may be given to help you follow your nutrition plan at home. If you are diabetic and testing your blood sugar at home, please bring a record of your recent blood sugar results with you to your appointment. If your physician has recommended the consult, bring your prescription with you. When you come for your appointment, come in to the main lobby and check in at the receptionist. They can then assist you in finding the dietitian’s office. The average length of a consult is approximately one hour, but may vary depending on the illness being treated and the amount of counseling and information needed for your particular diet plan. Services Provided

      • Inpatient Diet Plan
      • Out Patient Diet Education
      • Cardiac Rehab Diet Classes
      • Swing Bed Nutrition Care Plans

Food Service

Our patients enjoy a nutritious balance of meals prepared by the food production resources of our hospital. Care is also taken to ensure that patients with dietary restrictions have access to the types of foods that meet their specific needs. Food Service prepares meals for the area senior citizens on Holidays. Catering is also provided for educational presentations to the community. Three meals a day are available to employees and visitors in the hospital cafeteria.