Behavioral Health Services

HMC Outpatient Behavioral Health

In 2018, Harrisburg Medical Center and Southern Illinois Psychiatry joined together to create HMC Outpatient Behavioral Health. This joint venture has the same providers offering the same compassionate behavioral health care you received from Southern Illinois Psychiatry but now with more clinic locations to serve you better. We offer comprehensive outpatient behavioral health services for patients ages 6 and older. Services are available at HMC’s family practice clinics located in Marion, Harrisburg, and Eldorado. You do not have to be a primary care patient of these clinics to receive treatment.

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Mulberry Center

Mulberry Center at Harrisburg is designed to offer quality psychiatric care in an environment where comprehensive medical care is available. Through an interactive experience, patients learn to better understand themselves and begin accepting responsibility for their own wellbeing. This process provides opportunities for patients to practice effective alternatives for managing their lives.

The inpatient unit is divided into two wings. The first is a general adult unit, housing individuals with psychiatric disorders which do not involve dementia. The second wing is a geropsychiatric unit which treats individuals whose psychiatric condition is complicated by dementia.

The treatment approach in the adult wing is based on a “therapeutic community” philosophy, where patients actively engage in treatment under the guidance of a comprehensive team of doctors, nurses, social workers and activity therapists.

In the geriatric wing, patients also receive services from nurses, social workers and activity therapists under the direction of psychiatrists, but more emphasis is placed on managing the cognitive deficits that are associated with dementia. Therapeutic interventions in this setting place an emphasis on sensory stimulation and reminiscence strategies.

Mulberry Center at Harrisburg has emergency admissions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Referrals can be made by calling 618.252.0999 or 618.253.7671.

Admission Criteria

Individuals who are admitted to inpatient psychiatric care must meet strict psychiatric criteria established by hospital policy and their individual payer source. Criteria are reviewed on a regular basis to determine when the patient can safely receive services in a less restrictive setting.


Initially, assessments are performed by nurses, psychiatrists, activity therapists and social workers to determine the level of functioning and the strengths of the patient.


Following these assessments, an individualized treatment plan is developed and implemented. Under the direction of a psychiatrist, steps will be taken to initiate the use of medication and other interventions, which will contribute to stabilization of the individual’s illness as rapidly as possible.


The patient participates in a variety of therapeutic treatment activities to develop more effective strategies for coping with the presenting illness. In some cases, electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) may be recommended by the Treatment Team and the physician. When this is the case, with the patient’s consent, the patient’s family will be asked to participate in an educational session regarding ECT procedures and what to expect, prior to signing consents for ECT treatment.

Return to the Community

Inpatient hospitalization tends to be brief, with the average stay being approximately one week. As patients make progress, they begin the transition to less intensive levels of care. This may include return home, placement in a nursing home, or referral to rehabilitation services.

Before discharge patients are made appointments with a medical provider for ongoing medication management and with the most appropriate means of therapeutic aftercare for further progress toward their treatment goals.